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In the recent months, I have been really into modding my Sims game. There are lots of things I wanted from the game that were simply not there or not as advanced as I would like. Recently, I’ve downloaded a variety of Mods that make the game, for me, much more exciting and unpredictable and it’s what has made me keep wanting to play. So, I thought I would share some of my most used Mods that I have in game at the current point in time. 

I search and download mods from Mod The Sims. There is a wide variety of Custom Content and game-changing mods to be found here and I often find myself returning every few days to check out the newest mods. Most of the mods I have downloaded are in the “Game Mod” tab for the Sims 4, however you can find Mods still being created for The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.

I will continue to do Mod spotlights for Mods and Custom Content as I find them. If you wish for me to post about how to add Custom Content and Mods into your game then I’m more than happy to provide this!

Credit to all the wonderful modders in our community!

My Favourite Sims 4 Mods | 28.06.15

6. Casim Portable Keyboard | Created by ugly.breath

This mod provides a brand new mesh which means that the game will recognise it as it’s own object. The Casim Portable Keyboard is a space saver. It’s a keyboard that can be played by your Sims and boosts their piano skill level just like the Piano in game. However, I’ve found the Piano’s we’re provided with are very big and chunky and take up a lot of room in the house, especially if your just starting out. This object is perfect for me since I love small homes and now I can continue my Sims Musical endeavors.

06-28-15_11-07 AM06-28-15_11-08 AM

5. 3D Female and Male Lashes | Created by Kijiko

This mod is the only one which I haven’t found on Mod The Sims. My reason for putting this Custom Content on my Mod Spotlight is because I really felt as though the lashes on Base game eyes wasn’t realistic enough for me. I wanted something that looked realistic but also still had that slight cartoony look. The creator has both Female and Male lashes to download and also a variety of “flavours to choose from. For example some lashes look curvier than other and some are more sparse. This mod is wonderful for me as it finally makes me happy with the Sims I create.

06-28-15_11-27 AM-3

4. More Sims at Nightclub/Bar/Lounge | Created by Simmythesim

This mod enables the game to generate more Sims at Nightclubs, Bars and Lounges. Now, this is something that I wasn’t too worried about because in the Sims 4, the game generates so many more sims for lots compared to the Sims  However, on seeing this mod I thought there was no harm in me giving it a try and seeing what it was like. And I’m so glad I did. This picture doesn’t do this mod justice. At about 8.30 in game, I had around 20 Sims dancing, chatting and  ordering drinks at the bar. It was wonderful. This mod really gives atmosphere where needed.

06-21-15_9-12 PM

3. No More Culling | Created by Dark Gaia

This mod basically removes the 180 Sim limit in game and allows more sims to be generated without original sims being deleted. Before downloading this mod, I have a family of about 4 generations going. And then we got family trees! Woo! However, when I looked at my family tree, I noticed that my first generation sims didn’t have a picture or name because they had been culled by the game. How upsetting. This mod deletes that code.

Your generational gameplay is safe!

2. The Risky Woohoo Mod | Created by fancypants

Once the Sims 4 was announced, Twallen @ Nraas Industries also annouced that he would not be continuing his mods for the Sims 4. His mods were wonderfully extensive ranging from Story progression changes to relativity (slowing down in game time.) One of my favourite of his mods was the Risky Woohoo Mod. Basically, your Sims could get pregnant even if you clicked the “woohoo” interaction not just the “Try for a baby interaction”, bringing much more mystery and excitement into the game. This MOD does the exact same thing and it is marvelous. It comes in various flavours. For example: 5% , 10% , 20% , 30% , 40% or 50% chance of pregnancy. Kudos to the creator. 


1. MC Command Center | Created by Deaderpool

There is so many wonderful things I can say about this mod. This is STORY PROGRESSION for the Sims 4. This means that now, in your game, npc sims will get married, get jobs, make friends, and have children without the players input. This is something I sorely missed from the Sims 3 and I’m so thankful to the creator for taking so much of his time to create this fantastic mod. This mod is a multi-part download, and you can switch and change what parts of the mod you would like or you can have them all.

MC Script and Package – This is the base mod. You need it to make everything else work.

MC Cleaner – Cleans up houses and inventories and keeps the game running smoothly.

MC Dresser – Allows commands for NPC clothes (No more fashion disasters) and the such like.

MC Population – Allows Sims to move in and out of homes, moves homeless sims to empty lots and more.

MC Pregnancy – Allows NPC pregnancy and Marriage to happen outside of the played household.

MC Career – Contains options for NPC sims careers.


These are my favourite 6 Mods at the moment. I hope this gave you an insight into the world of modding and that you enjoyed this post.


New Residential | Pebble Ranch

06-25-15_8-06 PM

For this build, I wanted to try something different to my normal “Suburban” and “Modern” housing. I’ve always been fascinated with small Ranch style housing with overgrowing landscapes and plenty of outdoor space. I adore how unique and cozy they look and with dark colors, it makes it look antique and lived in. I’ve kept it dark inside on purpose with scattered light as I feel it adds atmosphere. I really tried to focus on the landscaping with this one. I wanted to make it look scattered and unrelenting as thought the foliage would take over the house if it was given such an opportunity. I chose colors green, dark cream and brown for this build with the odd speck of color thrown around.

This house is more of a studio house. It has an open plan kitchen, living room, dining room and a sectioned off bathroom with an open walled bedroom. However, you’re more than welcome to wall off the bedroom if your Sims prefer more privacy! 

I’m very proud of this build and I’m happy that I was able to create something that I wouldn’t normally think of building. I hope you all like this just as much as I enjoyed building it.

Note: This build uses a LOT of bb.moveobjects on. (The move objects cheat) and due to some glitch in the uploading process to the gallery, some items may not be there when placed into your game. Unfortunatley, there’s nothing I can really do about this and I just hope that it works properly. *fingers crossed* I’ve checked everything when downloading into my game and everything seems to be in place.

More Pictures!

06-25-15_8-07 PM

06-25-15_8-08 PM

06-25-15_8-08 PM-2

06-25-15_8-08 PM-3

06-25-15_8-08 PM-4

06-25-15_8-08 PM-5

06-25-15_8-09 PM

Happy Simming!

Origin ID: RealMakeBelieve

Sims 4 Forum Username: MakeBelieve


Community Lot | Club H20

06-21-15_9-10 PM

Creators Note: Not to blow my own trumpet, but I’m deeply in love with this building. I feel it really captures the “underwater” theme that I had in my head and I’m very proud of myself to have brought it to life in my game. Not many of my creations stay in my game once uploaded however this is definitely taking pride of place.

When planning this build, I knew instantly that I wanted to do something water themed. It just instantly clicked into place. Everything from the exterior structure to which exact furniture and objects I wanted inside. And with the recent addition of hot-tubs into the game, how could I not include those?

I really hope that if you download this lot off the exchange  ( I still refer to it as the exchange even now. Guess Sims 3 must have taken it’s toll.) gallery that you enjoy playing in it just as much as I enjoyed building it for you.



Here are some extra pictures!

(Exclusive to my blog, of course!)

06-21-15_9-11 PM-3

06-21-15_9-12 PM

06-21-15_9-12 PM-4

06-22-15_1-10 PM

Happy Simming!

Origin ID: RealMakeBelieve

Sims 4 Forum Username: MakeBelieve


Residential Lot | Oak Lodge Starter

06-21-15_1-23 PM

I’m a bit late onto the band wagon, but I’m presenting my first Newcrest Build! This starter contains an open plan kitchen, living room and diner along with the walled-off downstairs bathroom. Upstairs, two doors lead to the bedrooms and the third leads to the second upstairs bathroom.

Note: This house is UNFURNISHED. I’ve decorated the walls and floors in all rooms but I thought it would be a cute idea for you guys (if interested) to decorate the house. I’d also love to see pictures of it fully furnished!

06-21-15_1-24 PM
06-21-15_1-24 PM-2
06-21-15_1-24 PM-3
Open Plan Ktichen, Living Room and Dining Room
06-21-15_1-25 PM
Upstairs Landing
06-21-15_1-25 PM-2
1st Bedroom
06-21-15_1-25 PM-3
2nd Bedroom
06-21-15_1-25 PM-4
Upstairs Bathroom
Happy SImming! 🙂
Origin ID: RealMakeBelieve

Residential Lot | Suburban Charm

05-24-15_6-45 PM

With cream and shale rock exteriors, this suburban home really does bring charm and beauty. A elegantly yet simply decorated veranda welcomes you to this two story family home. Inside, large airy rooms bring a warm and homely atmosphere to those residing. Light woods and pastel wall are scattered however look perfectly placed. Natural decorations including potted plants dot around the rooms complimenting the gorgeous scenery outside. Upstairs, four bedrooms ( one being a nursery) are decorated with white woods and floral wallpapers making bedrooms a place for relaxation. This home features a large garden with space for planting harvestables and extra space to expand.


05-25-15_2-56 PM-3

05-25-15_2-55 PM

05-25-15_2-56 PM

05-25-15_2-56 PM-2

05-24-15_6-47 PM-2

05-24-15_6-47 PM-3

05-24-15_6-47 PM

05-24-15_6-47 PM-4

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Completely Play Tested! Ready to be enjoyed!

Happy Simming!

Available for download NOW in the gallery

Origin ID: RealMakeBelieve

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 Thank you all for your continued support!


Community Lot | Turtle Beach

05-17-15_1-22 PM


Turtle Beach welcomes you to this gorgeous park filled with activities to jazz up your Sims weekends! Turtle Decor leads the way to these fantastic poolside attractions! There’s something for everyone at Turtle Beach. Children can play to their heart’s content on the themed Ship Jungle Gym, Monkey Bars and take a dip in the glistening pool water. Teens, Young Adults and Adults alike can explore the camping ground fire and horseshoe games, sample a few of Willow Creek’s best beverages or even take a dip in the bar-side Jacuzzi. Picnic benches and barbecues wait on the patio for those late afternoons filled with the smell of burgers and hot-dogs. Elegantly decorated with overflowing natural scenery, no park has ever been so inviting from first glance. Turtle Beach offers a place where lazy weekends and fun filled afternoons walk hand in hand and you’ll never be out of ideas.

(Toilets are also included; you know.. just in-case.)

Note: This lot has been set to a park, however feel free to switch and change to whatever lot preference you may have.

05-17-15_1-24 PM-2

05-17-15_1-24 PM

05-17-15_1-23 PM

05-17-15_1-23 PM-3

05-17-15_1-24 PM-3

05-17-15_1-25 PM


05-17-15_1-29 PM

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Completely Play Tested! Ready to be enjoyed!

Happy Simming!

Available for download NOW in the gallery

Origin ID: RealMakeBelieve

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 Thank you all for your continued support!


Community Lot | Love Eternal Chapel

05-09-15_8-17 AM

With an elegant, romantic vibe, this chapel could be the icing on the top of the fruit cake for your Sims wedding day. Romance is in the air and is enhanced with glorious decor. A beautiful altar decorated with flowers and candles is the perfect backdrop for your Sims big day. A red carpet aisle leads the way to your beloved readying you for the many happy years ahead. In the basement, the party is continued with spacial dance floor, seating and bar. Vintage wallpaper and laminate floors don’t feel out of place and add to the festivities. Also included is a special catering room specially for your brilliant cook. Let the festivities commence with the Love Eternal – Chapel!

Note: This community lot is set to be a “Lounge” due to me feeling that this was the only setting that fit this kind of lot. However, feel free to change the lot setting to something that you may feel is more appropriate! 

Extra Pictures!

05-09-15_8-17 AM-2

Front Entrance

05-09-15_8-26 AM

Wedding Altar and Aisle

05-09-15_8-26 AM-2


05-09-15_8-26 AM-3

Stairs leading to basement festivities!

05-09-15_12-04 PM

Dance Floor

05-09-15_12-04 PM-2

Seating Arrangement

05-09-15_12-04 PM-3


05-09-15_12-05 PM

Separate Male/Female Bathroom

05-09-15_12-05 PM-2

Catering Services

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Completely Play Tested! Ready to be enjoyed!

Happy Simming!

Available for download NOW in the gallery

Origin ID: RealMakeBelive

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 Thank you all for your continued support!